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  • Experimental Grant, Sven och Astrid Toressons Fond, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, to conduct research on Metal Additive Manufacturing, 2021
  • Travel Grant, Olle Eriksson Foundation, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, to conduct neutron scattering experiments at the National Physics Institute, Prague, Czech Republic, 2021
  • Distinguished Researcher, Isfahan Provincial Government, Iran, 2018
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship within the program AMASE to carry out academic and research activities at the Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, 2015
  • Distinguished Supervisor, Isfahan University of Technology, 2015.
  • Distinguished Author (Book: Principles and Applications of Process Simulation) in the field of Materials and Mining Engineering, 20th season book festival of Iran Book House, Sanandaj, 2012.
  • Distinguished Young Researcher, Isfahan University of Technology, 2009.
  • Research and Innovation Grant, Iranian National Foundation of Elites, 2009.
  • Cook Ablett Award, 2006, Institute of Materials, London, UK: Best Published Work for the paper “Integrated Model for Tracking Defects through Full Manufacturing Route of Aerospace Discs, Mater. Sci. Tech., 2005, 21(4), 437-444”.
  • Travel Grant, 2003, Institute of Materials, London, UK: The Int. Sym. on Liq. Metal Proc. & Casting, Nancy, France, 21-24 Sept., 2003.

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