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Special Topics in Physical Properties of Materials

This course was presented for the students of Pardis of IUT. It was mainly concentrated on the diffusionless phase transformations and the following topics were covered:

  • The role of diffusion in solid state phase transformations
  • Characteristics of the diffusionless phase transformations
  • Crystallography of the diffusionless phase transformations
  • Nuclation and growth mechanisms
  • Strain-induced martensitic transformations
  • Development of the nano/ultrafine grained steels
  • Shape memory and pseduelesticity effects
  • Nanostructured shape memory alloys


  • Metallurgical phase transformations
Grading Policy: 
  • Homeworks (10%)
  • Course Project and Seminar (20%)
  • Final exam (70%)


  • Wednesdays 10:00-12:00


Winter 2013

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